Rotec at a Glance

There is an important need in the concrete industry for a company that understands concrete: For people who know about quality control and high-speed placement.  The people who make up Rotec have just that specialty.  Concreting is what we like to do.  Very simply, it is what we do best.

From small, residential concrete placing problems to the biggest dams, there is a Rotec specialist to help solve your problems, provide equipment, and finish the job faster, better, and at lower cost.

If you like doing quality concrete placement, Rotec is your kind of company.  For many project managers, our name has become synonymous with the best way to place concrete.  This is a compliment we take very seriously.


On the Matterhorn, 1986.
“Felt like a normal day at work to me.”
Some days construction is pure survival, inching upwards, or just holding on. The risks are great, the efforts demanding, and rewards are not always obvious. At times like these you want a climbing partner that’s experienced, committed, enthusiastic…and careful.

Comparisons between climbing and construction seem obvious. You’re doing more than just placing bricks and mortar, and we’re trying to do a lot more than just turning out machines. We’re both taking risks…trying new routes..struggling…driven by memories of how good it feels when you stand on top.

The next time you head for a summit we’d sure like to be one of your climbing partners.

– Robert F. Oury, President