Barge System

The heart of Rotec’s Shuttle Barge System consists of our specialized high speed 48″ Extractor Conveyor which is capable of quickly charging concrete to a 100yd^3 Holding Hopper on the Shuttle Barge unit in merely 5-10 minutes. This efficient concrete delivery system greately reduces the turnaround time of each trip made by a shuttle barge unit to transport concrete to the placing barge.

Traditional systems moving trucks on barges require long stop of barges at each end for trucks to load and unload. Efficient Rotec System — a combination of land system, shuttle barges and placing systems, takes only 6 minutes to load and 6 minutes to unload 125 yd3 (90m3) of concrete.
THE KEY TO SUCCESS – Keep barges and tug boats moving. Minimize idle time, minimize number of shuttle barges required, maximize productivity.

24″ Port-O-Belt conveyors trasport concrete as it is batched from the plant surge hopper to the 125ya3 land-side Holding Hopper.

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