Rotec has a special place in its corporate heart for bridges. We started doing bridges in 1960, and have developed unique bridge systems that met our contractors’ needs. Below are some pictures and brief descriptions of our bridge applications.

LaSalle Street Bridge, USA

The Bridgemaster places, vibrates and finishes the concrete while spanning all four lanes of this bridge deck.

The Rotec Bridgemaster is the ideal solution for placing, vibrating and finishing slab concrete on large jobs such as bridge decks, roadways, airport runways, reservoir floors, canals and even concrete facing of rock fill dams. The machine can be configured to match almost any surface contour and can be used on a slope.

The bridge deck shown on the right is a good example of how this machine can be used. The Bridgemaster shown here is working a 620′ x 88′ deck slab. An operator, mounted on the side discharge plow, places concrete across both 44′ bridge lanes in a single sweep while twin finishing heads strike-off, vibrate and finish the concrete. The whole unit is “tied” together preventing placer and finisher from getting out of sync. And the whole unit is track mounted and is traveled out of the pour as the pour progresses. Note the absence of shovel and vibrator men where concrete is being placed. There are plenty of people standing and watching but few actually in there doing work.

Bridge Deck

Beltcrete conveyor system with swinger pouring a bridge deck. One operator controls the elevate, swing and telescope functions of the swinger as well as the travel function of the system. The conveyor line is backed out of the pour as the pour progresses.

Our Beltcrete conveyor line is also a good machine for slab work. It is more flexible in the type of work it can do but does not possess the vibrating and finishing features of the Bridgemaster. The system has proven reliability, will place concrete at rates up to 150 yd³/hr, is track mounted to back out of the pour as the pour progresses, and is easy and fast to set up and take down. With a Swinger used as the placing conveyor, concrete can be placed anywhere within a 40 foot radius. It is a good choice for any type of slab work and has been used for deck pours for more than thirty years.

Bridge Systems