Huites Dam, Mexico

Three Towerbelt systems shown placing concrete at Huites Dam, Mexico

Rotec equipment was used to place all the concrete on this hybrid gravity and arch dam in Mexico. The hydropower project was completed in record time: 2.84 million m³ placed in just 14 months. The equipment “stars” in this performance were the three Rotec Towerbelts and the long-line steel truss conveyor system. Together, the conveyors and the Towerbelts moved concrete straight from the batch plants right to the point of placement. Other Rotec equipment on the job included Creter Cranes, Auger Max metering hoppers, Hi-Boy haulers, a Mobile Stacker, a Super Swinger truck-mounted conveyor and a Rotec designed Vibra-hoe.

Macagua Dam, Venezuela

Creter Cranes have established a reputation as a must-have workhorse on major construction projects throughout the world.

The Rotec Creter Crane 200 was the shining star at this project. It was an impressive sight (as can be seen in the photo on the left), 200 feet of reach, 10 yd³/min, one operator, one man at the hopper and one man at the elephant trunk. The Creter Crane 200 places any kind of concrete (additives not required), up to 6″ aggregate (three inch on this job) and 6″ slump. Set-up takes minutes – not hours – and clean-up is quick and easy, taking two men 45 minutes. The Creter Crane is rugged, dependable, versatile and pours lots of concrete – fast. Other Rotec equipment used on this job include a Creter Crane 150, an Auger Max metering hopper, and a Towerbelt system.