Creter Crane

With over 40 years of continuous improvements and modifications, the Creter Crane exemplifies heavy duty concrete placing. It is used extensively on jobs that require mass amounts of conrete to be placed accurately in difficult access areas. The Creter Crane is a highly versatile, mobile conveyor that places concrete through a wide range of conditions. Its pinpoint accuracy and high volume capabilities offer multi-faceted opportunities to the contractor. Rotec designed the Creter Crane as a quick and easy remedy to many on-site obstacles. With 360 degrees of swing and a telescopic conveyor, the conveyor can rotate to pour in any direction and depending on the model, reach up to 200 ft
(61 m), and at angles of +30 degrees and -15 degrees. The heavy-duty, high-speed belt ensures fast, high-volume delivery with aggregates up to 6″ (152 mm) without clogging. And with zero slump concrete, no additives are necessary. This is a “must-have” machine when quick, precise and dependable placement is required.

The Creter Crane was specifically designed for large scale concrete placement projects such as dams. With such a large range of motion, the Creter Crane can place concrete over a vast area with little to no movement necessary.

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