Hazardous Waste Pond Closure

(SuperSpan Conveyor System)

Travelling discharge placing sand over geotextile membrane.


Pond closure has begun. It will be 21 days and 150 million pounds of sand later to complete the closure of this pond.

This job required Rotec to design, build, ship and field assemble two precision sand placing conveyor systems in 16 weeks. Our client required strict adherence to this aggressive schedule so that all the work could be completed at an elemental phosphorous plant by the end of October. Our machines are part of a three year $190 million environment cleanup program at a 1,400 acre plant in Pocatello, Idaho. Each pond closure conveyor system employs a unique triangular truss and tripper conveyor combination that can span over 250 ft (75 m) and lay down a precise layer of sand at the rate of 6 yd³/min (4.6 m³/min) to cover the hazardous waste ponds.


(Emergency Entombment)

Rotec Port-O-Belt conveyors feed a Creter Crane to began the emergency entombment operations.

The nuclear power plant accident at Chernobyl is widely considered to be the most catastrophic in history.  Rotec Creter Cranes, Port-O-Belt conveyors and Port-O-Belt Swingers were used to help with the entombment operations to still the spread of extremely heavy doses of radiation.

Slope Protection

(Waste Disposal Site)

Super Swinger 105-18 pouring gravel for slope protection at a waste disposal site.

Super Swingers are extremely versatile, and like all Rotec conveyors can pour more than just concrete.  On this project the Super Swinger 105-18 is pouring slope protection fill on a waste disposal site.