Maggie Daley Park, Downtown Chicago

060ac1274efe1c5ac8f5e191979430baFor the reconstruction of Maggie Daley Park in Chicago, Rotec created the Crawler Swinger. A track driven swinger fed by a length of Mag-2 Conveyors. The swinger has a 75ft telescoping boom with a 24in wide belt that rides on 3 Crawler tracks. The conveyor and tracks are powered by a hydraulic motor running on 480V three phase power from either a generator or job power. The swinger can be controlled entirely by the hydraulic valves on its control arm. The Mag-2 conveyors have a 36in belt and are riding on high flotation rubber tires to easily traverse rough terrain. Each conveyor feeds the next conveyor via by telescopic transfers. This allows the swinger to move the entire line to any part of the Job site. The system is versatile enough to pour concrete, as well as  place rock or dirt, with a capacity of 1000 tons of material per hour.