Since 1966, Rotec Industries has been at the forefront of concrete transportation. The Chicago, IL based company has invented and produced numerous concrete conveyor systems. Rotec specializes in dam, lock, foundation, harbour, and HAZMAT applications. Some of Rotec’s original products include the Port-O-Belt, Super Swinger, Creter Crane, Towerbelt, Hi-Boy Haulers, Shuttle Hopper, RCC In-Pour Post System, Magnum Conveyor Systems, Post Mounted Swinger and Continuous Mix Plants. Founder and President Robert F. Oury has been instrumental in the the company’s vast successes since Rotec’s inception.



Rotec offers all of it’s equipment for any project and any type of agreement.  Whether you want to purchase equipment outright, need equipment for a long or short term lease or rent, or would like to subcontract work out to Rotec, we can come to some kind of arrangement that suits you.  In the link below you will be able to find what we currently have available.  If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to work with you.

Lease fleet