Research & Development

Research & Development (R&D) at Rotec works at the forefront of engineering to improve our equipment used in concrete placement. At Rotec, we believe that R & D is an integral part of our company’s future, and it has been a staple in of our mission for nearly 50 years:

“Rotec seeks to refine its product line, and continues to promote new initiatives and complimentary ideas for the global concrete placement industry.”

Our mission is exemplary of where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Rotec’s history is rich with technology that has completely changed the industry, and the world. Our equipment has been on some of the largest projects on the globe. It has a reputation for outperforming and outlasting any other concrete placing equipment, earning well deserved recognition. Rotec has been featured on the cover of Engineering News Record four times, an honor worthy of only a true innovator. Our past speaks for itself, and our successes have not come at any discount to our R & D efforts.

The future of Rotec looks much like the past. We will continue to advance our technology in the development of high-speed concrete placing equipment. The next decade appears to be the brightest years for Rotec. Our team is “well honed.” We have an organization that is keyed toward succeeding on projects that we take, however, we do not just succeed, we excel. At Rotec, we strive to create footprints that competitors cannot match. The next great invention is yet to come.