Our Continuous innovation and unparalleled expertise have landed us on the cover of Engineering News Record four times, not to mention some of the most prestigious projects in the world. How do we maintain this level of excellence? We hire exceptional people:

Rotec is a company built by PEOPLE – construction people – people who are in this business because they love it. Often, they’ve spent their whole lives, for example, building dams or repairing construction equipment or operating or designing. If a company can keep a team of people like that thinking young, willing to take risks, and working hard, and then reward them fairly, it is a foundation cornerstone toward making a monumental contribution to a particular industry – in our case, placing concrete.

Some of our most valued employees have been with Rotec for 20 years. Some of them were “born” on dams (second generation). Others have risen as high as project managers with major contractors on major projects. These unique individuals in sales, service, and engineering bring a common sense, field savvy to the decision-making and direction taking of the company. We travel the globe – not as a mega corporation with branches all over the world, but as a small team of specialists – the sleeves rolled up type – who are comfortable anywhere in the world. How is this model successful? The answer is simple. Eliminate the wasted time, futile efforts and mistakes, and produce big, positive results. Our team produces RESULTS: something that everyone likes.