Cut and Cover Tunnel

(New Denver Airport)

Rotec Creter Crane 150-18 pour top slab of cut and cover tunnel at the New Denver Airport.

Pouring the floor, wall and top slabs for this cut and cover tunnel, at the new Denver Airport, was no problem for one of our Creter Cranes (Rotec conveyor mounted on a RT crane). This one, shown on the right, is an older model: a Creter Crane 150-18. It has a long reach (150 feet), high capacity (360 yd³/hr), and is job site mobile for very quick setup. On this job, which had many different types of pours at different locations through out the site, the Creter Crane was essential in keeping up with the demanding concrete placing schedule. A versatile machine, the Creter Crane is just as comfortable placing mass concrete as it is placing with pin point accuracy into forms or through high rebar and into other difficult to reach locations.

Airport Roadway

(O’Hare International)

Super Swinger 75-16 placing concrete for entrance ramp to the United terminal at O'hare International Airport.

Another option for slab work is to use a Super Swinger (truck mounted conveyor). This one, shown on the left, is a model 75-16, which the contractor considered adequate in reach, capacity and pouring accuracy to get the job done quickly for an airport expansion project in Chicago. The Super Swinger is road legal and very easy to set up and move around at the site location.

*Super Swinger is a registered trademark of Putzmeister America.

Roadway Slope Protection

Super Swinger 105-18 pouring gravel for slope protection at a waste disposal site.

Super Swingers, this one a model 105-18, are extremely versatile and like all Rotec conveyors can pour more that just concrete. Here the Super Swinger is pouring slope protection fill along a major highway