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What is Rotec?

We are a company specializing in solutions of concrete placing problems on large construction projects. The heart of the company are the people who understand concrete projects, equipment, and the challenges of applying new methods to solve the problems facing contractors in placing mass concrete. We are not just satisfied to sell equipment, we are genuinely interested in helping you solve concrete placing problems. This genuine interest gives us the opportunity to analyze for you what can be done with our equipment, how it will affect your manpower requirements, your schedule, and your cost for concrete in place. Rotec began in 1966 with a determination to place concrete better. But why concrete? There is an important need in our industry for a company that understands concrete, and for men who know about quality control and high-speed placement. The people who make up Rotec have just that specialty. Concreting is what we like to do. Very simply, it’s what we do best.

The Rotec Way

From small residential concrete placing problems, to the biggest dams, there is a Rotec specialist to help solve your problems, provide equipment, finish the job faster, better, and at a lower cost. For many project managers, Rotec has become synonymous with the new way to place concrete. That’s a compliment we take very seriously.

  • Rotec Services for Concrete Placment
  • Design complete systems for a large scale project
  • Engineer individual products and complete systems
  • Manufacture custom and high capacity equipment
  • Deliver, install, and service equipment
  • Lease, rent, and sell equipment

The future of Rotec lies in refining the equipment we already have and a dedication to advance new ideas for the construction industry. The utilization of each Rotec concrete placing system, either individually, or combined, can achieve promising results for your project.

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