Rotec’s Towerbelt System is a versatile stool for constructing concrete dams and other large civil projects. It offers the powerful combination of a high-capacity concrete placing conveyor system along with a large tower crane. The conveyor system provides accurate placing of any type of concrete with capacities of up to 780 meters cubed per hour. Horizontal reach of the articulated conveyors range from zero up to a maximim of 110 meters. Vertical range is 120 meters while using conveyor inclines of plus or minus 30 degrees along with a discharge trunk. Vertical range is further extended by raising or lowering the conveyor-supporting platform on the crane tower, which can increase the vertical range to 185 meters. Beyond the impressive capabilities of the Towerbelt Conveyor System, the contractor also receives the benefits of a large tower crane with lifting capabilities up to 60 metric tons and a hook radius of up to 100 meters. The crane can be provided with a travelling base or work from a fixed foundation. The Towerbelt System is easy to operate and affords excellent concrete placing and load lifting accuracy even in tight quarters. The Towerbelt operator’s cabin sits high atop the crane and its operator controls and monitors all functions of the crane and conveyors from his climate-controlled work station. It is equipped with sophisticated electronic devices to afford the maximum degree of safety, dependability, and performance, such as:
  • Electronic displays with intuitive digital and graphic readouts
    • hook load
    • hook and trolley positions
    • conveyor angles
    • pendant cable load
    • wind speed
    • individual electric motor demands
    • hydraulic system stats
    • brake status and more
  • Computer monitoring of all loads and positions with warning and shut-down features to avoid overloads.
  • Data logging

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