We tested them all and we found the one that we liked the best and then we refined and kept adding attachments. Every time we ran into something that we needed, we designed it so that it would be a part of the Multi-Loader attachment kit. Very much like a farm tractor that pulls hundreds of implements. One machine does all. On RCC dam lifts, this makes even more sense because of space limitations. All of these attachments are needed only some of the time so we have a very rugged, versatile prime mover, the Multi-Loader. Everything else because a quick attachment. On most jobs, we keep a spare multi-loader in reserve in case something breaks on the prime unit and we don’t allow that to be used for anything else. If the multi-loader stops, everything stops. Please take a careful look at each of these attachments and if you don’t have hands on experience of what it’s like without them, ask somebody who does. We have spent more than ten years refining the Rotec Multi-Loader and, if used right, will put a smile on the face of any hands on project manager.

    *Message sent to Bruce Oury and Rotec Sales Team