CreterCrane 200

Heavy duty concrete placing at its best. In the construction industry, Creter Cranes are well-known for their extensive use with mass concrete placement — particularly in jobs that require difficult access and pin-point accuracy. No jobs are too big or too small. Creter Cranes can handle up to 6″ aggregate and it will also place sand, gravel, and backfill. No additives required, no priming, no special cleaning. When used with Rotec’s Auger Max hopper or metering system, Creter Cranes can sustain a placing rate of over 400 cubic yards per hour and rates over 500 cubic yards are possible. It can elevate up to 30 degrees, rotate 360 degrees and reach 200 feet from its center of rotation. Creter Crane is a universal equipment that will tackle all of your concrete placing needs.

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