Port-O-Belt Long Line

Another conveyor similar to the Beltcrete system is the Port-o-Belt Long Line. The POB Long Line is typically used for conveyor lengths longer than 400 feet. The POB Long Line can be outfitted with wheels or travel along a monorail similar to the Beltcrete. The POB Long Line is just as the name states, a long continuous conveyor system. This highly productive system enables concrete to be poured hundreds of feet away from a centralized concrete dump site. This allows for a constant concrete supply at the pour site while ready-mix trucks can feed the conveyor at a safe location. The POB Long Line system can handle any mix of concrete as well as many other types of material. It can also be combined with both the Beltcrete Conveyors and the Beltcrete Swinger for a fully customized system specific to any job.

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