RCC Super Dozers

Why would Rotec Get involved in RCC Super Dozers? It is Important to the overall success of the project. The Deere’s all hydrostatic drive is so accurate you can skin concrete off a form and not scratch it. We have even added some Rotec Options For the Deere. Wheels that are pinned on for transporting the dozer from one end of the dam to the other. A safety bumper. This can save a persons life. It stops the dozer before a person behind who wasn’t paying attention gets run over. Night lighting system and the roof covers keep the machine clean and free of concrete splatter. Finally, the horn, PA system, and two way, allow the operator to talk to the foreman while operating. Keep one ear to the pour and has a PA that he can talk to the foreman to give crew instructions as to just what is coming. We have used this Dozer on multiple jobs and have never needed any spare parts. Any machine that Rotec provides has been tailored and fine tuned to do the best job it can at what it is supposed to do. You will find that the RCC Super Dozers fit that profile.  

    *Message sent to Bruce Oury and Rotec Sales Team