Post Mounted Swinger

The PMS 100 and 135 is Rotec’s newest advancement in concrete placing technology. The Post Mounted Swinger is a flexible and versatile concrete placing machine, designed for clean accurate placement of concrete without segregation.  There are two models of the PMS: a 100 foot swinger, and a 135 foot swinger. They can deliver up to 500 yd³/hr placing capacity. All of the functions are remotely controlled.

Where is Rotec?

In the past 2 years Rotec has made monumental strides toward its bright future in the concrete placement industry. In 2010 the company left Elmhurst, what everyone recognizes as Rotec’s home for the past 50 years, and moved to a new facility in Hampshire, IL.  We call it “Hampshire House.”  Here we have twice the space, and it is closer to home for all of us.  Moving out after 50 years was difficult, but we are at the new place, sorted out, and very pleased.  Rotec is enjoying the new facility which is very conducive to our work.  We are happy with the move, and we welcome customers to visit.

What’s New?

Our Inventions are still leading the industry in technology for concrete placing on major projects.  In fact, of all the conveyor applications, technologies, and equipment in use around the world today, we look at each one, and invented every one of them through creativity and determination to keep moving forward.  Today we have major project around the world: South America, Africa, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, and on the new Panama Canal, where we just introduced our new “Baby Tower Belt.”